Virgin Derm 2017 Meeting

Meeting Agenda

The 2020 meeting will continue the aesthetic tradition and expand to include a half day on effective treatment options for acne and rosacea. The faculty believes that in order for positive changes in practice techniques to occur, the learning environment should be interactive and participants should acquire simple and specific techniques that can be immediately put into clinical practice.

2020 Meeting Agenda

Date Day Topic
Day 1 Friday Facial Injectables Live: Taking Your Skill to the Next Level
Day 2 Saturday Getting the Most from Laser & Energy-Based Technologies (including rosacea)
Non-invasive Body Contouring Panel
Day 3 Sunday Innovative Anti-Aging Strategies & The Power of Cosmeceuticals

Jointly Provided: This activity is jointly provided by Imedex, LLC and xMedica,LLC.

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